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Marbella will host for the sixth time InterEcoForum, an annual international event dedicated to Sustainable Development. The Forum has already achieved a place in the professional and business community as a reliable platform to build relationships at the highest level.
In previous years the topic of Sustainable Development was focused on Energy, Infrastructure, Transport, Agriculture and Food Industry where international experts and representatives of Public Administrations of several countries participated.
The VI InterEcoForum will put its perspective in the study of Sustainable Tourism Development, as a synergy of the results of the Year of Tourism Spain-Russia, with the proclamation that the United Nations has made 2017 the International Year of Sustainable Tourism.
Sustainable Tourism is becoming increasingly popular, not only as an essential parameter of policy planning for the development of the sector: what is now known as 'alternative' in a few years will become a 'mainstream'.
To date, the most widespread form of Sustainable Tourism was identified with what is understood as Ecotourism. However, Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and the main source of income for many countries, so the socio-economic development, employment generated and infrastructure needs have required the contribution budget of the different administrations act on the sector.
At the same time, Tourism, which continues to be a business - not exclusively -, is a sector, which always a subject to improvements in its development, so that these same governments are increasingly trying to combine the interests sensitized long-term societal sustainability.
Among the most recent forms of Sustainable Tourism Development are those that focus on the segment of Luxury Tourism. Their high standards now seek harmony with nature and the environment, and contribute to the local economy towards greater exclusivity, so they are creating new interactions between these parameters.
The concept of Sustainability in the Tourism is a part of respect for local residents, the Environment and Cultural Heritage, with the Gastronomy included in this area, as it has been proclaimed by UNESCO.
All these topics considering especially relevant, InterEcoForum has included in its program.
Also, InterEcoForum includes workshops and Fam Tour where industry experts, travel agencies and tour operators of outbound and inbound markets, health insurance companies, owners of medical centers, producers of organic products, organizers of gastronomic tours are invited, as well as representatives of government agencies, associations, business communities and specialized companies from different countries.
We believe that the VI InterEcoForum will be a platform to exchange innovative ideas, will serve to provide practical solutions that favor the strengthening of the role of Tourism in building a sustainable future and also will serve for participants to get useful contacts for future business cooperation.