of March

  • 10.00:  Accreditation of participants
  • 10.30 : Opening ceremony
    •    Mr. Carlos Díez de la Lastra – CEO General Director Les Roches Marbella 
    •    Mr. Manuel Cardeñas – Environmental Councilor of Marbella Town hall
    •    Mr Sergey Shumkov – representative the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation
    •    Mr. Aleksey Borisov – Vice President World Federation of United Nations Associations
  • 11.00 :  Coffee Break
  • 11.30:  Status of protection of water objects in the coal industry – Ministry of Energy RF – Mr Sergey Shumkov
  • 12.00: Impact on water for sustainable development: Impact on Rural Community Development. Case Study Niger Delta– Comrade Sunny Ofehe
  • 12.30: Solar Pv Solutions in Agriculture – Alfonso Garés
  • 12.45: Better practices on sustainability in big cooperation´s Showcase Coca-Cola: Evgeny Selivanov, Senior Managing Partner Brighten
  • 13.00: Water: ¨Water is the cosmic receptor of life¨- Doctor Wladyslaw Stanislaw Rybicki, CEO VIP Adaptation
  • 13.30: ¨Water for future Generations¨- Sergey Aziukovskij Technical director Nord Gaz trading 
  • 14.00: Closing of first day



of March

  • 10.00: Round Table: Discussion on Fresh Water Crisis.
    • Comrade Sunny Ofehe (Environmental & Human Rights Activist, from the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, living in the Netherlands – founder of the NGO ‘ Hope for Niger Delta’ with its headquarters in Rotterdam)
    • Alvaro Hidalgo  (Member of the Spanish Institute of Financial Analysts, Chartered Auditor of Information Systems and member of the Spanish Council of Economists Professional Associations,Professional Association for Hospitality Finance, Revenue Management & IT)
    • EVERSTOV NIKOLAY NIKOLAEVICH (Chairman of the Russian-Sudanese Business Council. Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation)Chamber of Commerce 
  • 11.00: BLUE GOLD, A look into revenue at risk as a result of water scarcity. Water for sustainable development is crucial but it can also be competitive advantage. How can Businesses harness a better knowledge and better water management whilst reducing cost and increasing revenue– Jacqueline Jackson Director Trucost, part of S&P Global
  • 11.30: Coffee Break
  • 12.00: UN Water Action Decade Presentation 
  • 12.30: ¨Healthy Way of Life¨ Water Mineral company Narzan: Erika Balberkina Head of Export Department 
  • 13.00: Zersty Art Water and more” – Nobel Fernandez Llera (Managing Director) and Ángel Salazar (Environment Director)
  • 13.30: ¨Water in a sustainable package: Creating Future¨ – Francisco Rodriguez Lopez – CEO – Ly Company
  • 14.00: Closing ceremony cocktail and prize giving