MIUC at InterEcoForum 2020

Our marketing lecturer Murilo Branco, PhD candidate, with over a decade of experience in academia and working in the industry in the field of sustainable international trade, will participate in InterEcoForum 2020 and deliver a speech on the topic: “Water Waste in Food Production: Current Overview and the Search for New Practices”.

Murilo, who is an expert in Supply Chain Management, Marketing and Advertising and International Business Strategy, states that world population has increased about 7-fold in 200 years and is expected to reach 10 billion in 2050. And thus, we must adopt a fully coordinated global effort to achieve sustainable food security. This MIUC lecturer will tackle inter alia, the vitality of water in food production, innovation in water-saving technologies and the creation of sustainable food production systems.


Marbella International University Centre is the university in southern Spain that offers classes in English while preparing its international students for a bright future. MIUC offers 360-degree support while challenging the practice of mass education.

Not only is diversity represented in our student body— comprising over 70 countries— it’s also reflected in our prestigious faculty, who have come from distinguished universities, such as Columbia and McGill. The MIUC environment reflects our commitment to inclusion and the demand for more international education.


The rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum at MIUC incorporates Bologna accredited courses in Business Management, International Relations, Marketing and Advertising, Psychology and Sports Management.

In addition to our range of Bachelor and Master programmes, MIUC is in partnership with two highly-respected universities: the University of West London and the Moscow State Institute of International Relations.

Our students study extra languages to obtain the necessary skills to not only work, but thrive in the global community. We offer different levels of Spanish, Russian, Arabic, French and Chinese Mandarin, as well as Pre-Sessional English courses for those who have yet to reach the minimum language requirement.


At Marbella International University Centre, our professors emphasize personalised and interactive learning. With a student-faculty ratio of 10:1, students benefit from individualised attention. Utilizing the Responsive Classroom approach, professors allow students to play an active role in their education, which enables them to think more critically, creatively, and develop leadership abilities.

All of our courses are taught by world-class scholars and business professionals active in their fields. Our dynamic faculty members are invested in the success of their students— they share their insights, give support, and create a robust intellectual community.

MIUC faculty merge technology in the classroom to enhance the learning experience. Classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and live video recordings of each lecture; students have access to course materials on Blackboard, an online platform offering innovative educational solutions.


At MIUC, we know the importance of linking theory to practice. Every graduating senior completes a culminating project, taking part in a strategic consulting project for a local or national company, entrepreneurial venture, or non-profit organization. The “capstone experience” benefits the community and provides the perfect opportunity for students to begin putting their education into action.

Making further connections in the real world, all MIUC students receive national and international internships with successful brands and institutions. These internships are carefully selected to align with the students’ desired career paths. With these engaging experiences, students learn how to obtain the skills employers seek and society needs.

Current students have the opportunity to connect with our active alumni network. MIUC’s successful alumni have gone on to make an impact around the world, becoming CEOS and directors, studying PhDs and creating non-profits, just to name a few. Having access to such a strong community of leaders, students will always find support and guidance.


Every year, the sun-drenched town of Marbella draws over 10 million visitors to its relaxing beaches, historical old town and elegant neighborhoods. Its global orientation and culturally vibrant environment makes Marbella an ideal city for our diverse students.

The MIUC campus itself is located in the center, with expansive greenery and a wide range of sports facilities, including a swimming pool, tennis court, football field, mini volleyball court and basketball court. Our students can participate in weekly sports activities, play a casual game of ping pong, or do some yoga on the lawn.

Furthermore, MIUC provides counseling services, life coaching, and a student life department that organizes trips, lectures, workshops, and social events on and off campus.