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Integral Energy Renovation Strategic Plan for Hotels


Integral Energy Renovation Strategic Plan for Hotels
New Construction and Rehabilitation
The REIH Plan has become finalist of the ITH Smart Destination Awards 2018.
The objective of the REIH Plan is to turn selected hotels into a model on sustainable construction, energy efficiency, accessibility, rehabilitation and new construction.
Be the catalyst for the culture of energy renovation in the hotel sector in our country.
Energy rating A. The Hotel will obtain and reduce energy costs considerably.
Certification in sustainable construction, LEED, BREEAM and DGNB, to be the first to obtain such certifications in any of its modalities.
Benefits of the REIH plan
The investment in Integral Rehabilitation is recovered in several areas:
• Saving on the cost of materials by the supplier brands, due to the interest in participating in the REIH Plan and its objective, there will be a very important reduction in the prices of materials supply, from 30% to 70%.
• Energy bill savings: money available for other investments...
• Media impact: The Hotel will be a model of sustainability and energy efficiency within the Hotel sector, for its locality and society at national and international level.
• It will attract customers "eco": added value relevant to customers concerned with the environment and ecology (especially tourists from Germany, British Isles, USA, Nordic countries, etc).
• Energy Self-generation: you can generate and consume your own energy with the use of renewable energy (PV, wind...), considerably reducing the energy bill.
• Revaluation of the building due to the structures and facilities resulting from the incorporation of new products and technologies.
• Public administration: aid to the construction of sustainable buildings, energy efficiency, rehabilitation of buildings; Reduction of taxes (varying according to Autonomous Community)
• Free communication actions for the Hotel. Duration of 2 years. BioEconomic will organize the dissemination the REIH Plan.
• Articles in the media to guarantee the National and International visibility for the participating Companies and the Hotel.
• Project dissemination seminars with members of public administrations, participating companies and the media.
• A reserved space in Events organized by BioEconomic.
• Participation in events, conferences, awards and competitions on Sustainable Tourism, Energy Efficiency, Innovation, Accessibility and Sustainable Construction.
• The diffusion of the project will last 2 years, starting from the selection of the Hotel, then during the construction or rehabilitation, once completed and 1 year after the Hotel is operational. In the last Event will the savings and benefits achieved will be shown.