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The Responsible Tourism Institute

The Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI) is an independent organization and its goal is the implementation of actions and programs for sustainable development in the tourism industry. For this purpose, RTI follows the recommendations of the United Nations Conference for the protection of the environment and development (Rio 1992), and the guidelines of various programs of the World Tourism Organization and UNESCO on sustainable development and protection of cultural and natural heritage.

The Responsible Tourism Institute created and developed the Responsible Tourism System (STR), which is recognized under the brand BIOSPHERE RESPONSIBLE TOURISM. This certification emerged as the answer to establish criteria for sustainable behavior in the international tourist business. Therefore, the STR promotes sustainable tourism products. Currently the RTI maintains a cooperation agreement with UNESCO and is affiliated to the World Tourism Organization UNWTO. IRT is also a member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) and has been awarded several prizes, such as the "Global Awards Sport and Tourism", "European Environment Award", a special mention in the "Green Wood Award for Environmental Responsibility"(2005) and "The International Award Environment and Sustainable Development" issued by TUI AG.
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