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The Confederation of Andalusian Entrepreneurs (CEA, in Spanish), the most representative business organization of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, was constituted in 1979 and is present in all the Andalusian territory. It integrates more than 170,000 companies and freelancers of all sizes and of all sectors through its more than 1,200 territorial and sectoral organizations.  The CEA is a member of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) and the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises (CEPYME).
Andalusian entrepreneurs have at their service the CEA, established for the coordination, representation, management, promotion and defense of business interests and legitimized in Article 7 of the Spanish Constitution. Moreover, it’s recognized as the most representative by the Statute of Autonomy of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia.
The CEA is characterized by a constant dialogue with the different social, political and economic forces. It also acts as an interlocutor of business organizations and companies in Andalusia before the various Public Administrations, trade unions, public opinion and other political and social powers. Moreover, it also represents Andalusian entrepreneurs before the international organizations and the authorities of third countries.
The business union, cohesion and associativism are the greatest guarantee of success for the companies, because we are convinced that the company is the solution and the only way to boost the economic and social development of Andalusia and the creation of employment.
"The best way to fight for your company is to defend and promote the common interests of entrepreneurs"
The CEA offers a range of technical services to its associates covering various sectors — labor, legal, fiscal, occupational risk, economic, environmental, urban planning, spatial planning, internationalization, innovation and digital economy. They personally advise and coordinate the work of CEA commissions and committees; and elaborate the reports and specialized works of each one of the areas of study.
LABOR RELATIONS:  Facilitates information and elaborates general recommendations for collective bargaining, and coordinates the participation of CEA in the Extrajudicial System of Resolution of Labor Conflicts of Andalusia (SERCLA in Spanish).
PREVENTION OF LABOR RISKS Advises on the main business obligations in the prevention of occupational risks, gives information about the normative dispositions that regulate it and works for the implantation of a true culture of labor risk prevention in the companies and in Andalusia.
+ COMPANY: CEA offers to the entrepreneurs the advice and technical support necessary for the start-up and consolidation of a business project (preparation of the business plan, feasibility of the project, administrative procedures for its implementation, information on available aids and incentives, financing, marketing plan, among others).
TRAINING: Develops its own offer focused on the specialization—through distance learning or in a classroom—and it’s aimed at improving the professional profile of the human resources of companies.  Moreover, it offers management for the subsided training credit (crédito de formación bonificada) of the companies and the support in the implementation of training plans.
INTERNATIONAL: Supports the Andalusian companies that face the process of internationalization through the promotion of international institutional relations, the organization of market informational activities and international agreements.
CESEAND: Helps to improve the knowledge about the policies of the European Commission and to develop innovation, promote business cooperation and internationalization. The European Services Center for the Andalusian Enterprises is the Andalusian node of the Enterprise Europe Network, a network created by the European Commission including 600 organizations in 54 countries.
CEA INNOVATION: Advises on the management of innovation systems offering a comparative diagnosis at a European level regarding innovation capacities and a plan of action to improve the factors analyzed in the SME.
ENVIRONMENT: Advises on the main business environmental obligations, as well as on the normative dispositions and legislative evolution in matters of water, climate change, pollution, air quality, environmental administrative intervention and environmental responsibility.
CEA SPACES: We have spaces at your disposal with room from 10 to 750 people. They can accommodate all kind of reunions and events (conferences, internal meetings, commercial presentations, work lunches, training courses...).  The facilities, with an innovative design and a high functionality, are fully equipped.
"Defend your interests, defend companies; Partner with CEA if progress is your concern"