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Marbella hosts the VI InterEcoForum: a close look at the sustainability of tourism as a driving force for development

Different officials from institutions related to the tourism industry will take part in this international meeting held for the sixth time in Marbella.
The event is co-organized with the Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and the UN Russia Association. This year the event was attended by such leading figures as Jin Yung Woo from the World Tourism Organization; Peter Debrine, of the UNESCO World Heritage Center; Luigi Cabrini, Chair of the World Council of Sustainable Tourism; or Tomás Azcárate, president of the Institute of Responsible Tourism.
Sustainability will be the core aspect of the forum's presentations, which will deal with other aspects such as quality and efficiency, also addressing in particular the tourism health and wellness sector.
The director of the organization, Anna Solod, stressed that the intention of InterEcoForum since its inception has been to "sensitize society about the fundamental idea of sustainability and our responsibility."
The city of Ronda has presented a management model that combines its historical, artistic and natural heritage as an addition to the standard offer of Sun and golf courses of the Spanish Costa del Sol.
The opening lacked of the presence of city mayor due to fact that he was traveling to Hong Kong. So, it was led by MGIMO professors Ekaterina Torkunova and Alexei Borisov, provincial deputy Francisca Caracuel and the municipal delegate of commerce, Manuel Morales.